Handful #2: Brooklyn Doran

bdCanadian singer-songwriter Brooklyn Doran helps bring this week to a close (or a start, if you’re one of those people that thinks Sunday is the start of the week) by providing a handful of tunes that she loves. Her own track ‘There’s A Light On (Kitchen Song)‘ has a delightful folky vibe that provides exactly the right backdrop for her vocals to act as the leading star over. The upbeat melodies are sure to get you nodding your head from side to side as Brooklyn spins yarns that’ll draw you right on in.

Check out the video here.

Here’s her handful;

1) Slow Spirit- “Oh My Old Friend” [2014]

Slow Spirit is a really sweet group from Brandon, Manitoba whose music is dreamy, expertly arranged and cerebral in the kind of way that still punches you right in the heart with every listen. I can’t help but hear a vocal quality that is a tiny bit similar to Elena Tonra (Daughter) in singer, Natalie Bohrn’s voice, which is delivered with such clarity and ease. Also, I spent a large part of my teens bumming around with bassist, Justin Alcock and I’m pretty big fan of anytime I get to see that dude rock the bass.

2) Emmy Rouge- “Captain (Take My Body Home)“ [2014]

Torontonians, Emily Coutts and Shaun Benson are both incredibly sweet and incredibly talented individuals. They’re actors, sing together as Emmy Rouge, and a super cute couple to boot! Their country-folk anthems light up my day. If you like this track (released only a few months ago) you could definitely check out their studio session of “Winnipeg” which is another one of my favourite tunes.

3) Mike Procyshyn & The Lonesome Boxcar- “hate this town” [2015]

This is the first single released by an incredible songwriter who I feel really lucky to know: Mike Procyshyn for his upcoming release “I’m attempting clever” that is due to come out this March 2015. This song really speaks to me because it encapsulates this feeling about small-town life that I find really hard to define myself. I sing harmonies on a few songs on the upcoming record- which was all recorded in Mike’s home studio in Kenora, Ontario.

4) DB Cooper- “All Together” [2014]

DB Cooper is an emerging indie-rock outfit based out of Hamilton, Ontario. Most of their stuff has a bit more of a rock feel, but I’m drawn to this tune particularly because it stands out as soft and introspective- compared to the other music they’ve been putting out. They also have a new record coming out this March 2015.

5) Kae Sun- “Firefly Dance” [2011]

Kae Sun is a Ghanain-Canadian folk musician who was one of the first people, after listening to a few of my songs at a jam session, to encourage me to record my music. He is both a friend and an inspiration to me, and “Firefly Dance” is one of those songs that are pure magic. Released as part of his 2011 EP “Outside the Barcode”, it captures a really personal and beautiful love letter to his home country.

If you make music and want to submit a Handful, get in touch here.


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