E-Mute – Praise Your Senses

Screen shot 2015-01-16 at 20.22.59Did someone say the word anthemic? Alright, it was either me saying it accidentally out loud or a little voice in my head that probably needs a nap but there’s plenty of big venue potential in these sounds from E-Mute as they’re already getting on the large side.

There are crunching guitar sounds, quick-fire piano offerings, slightly distorted and edgy bass parts and a powerful drumming force lined up to act as a platform raised high above the crowds for the lead vocal to stand upon and deliver a musical message that feels like it has the authority of a king addressing his subjects. For me, the ever-moving drum parts are what help make this song sound so overwhelmingly huge as they dominate from side to side, powering into your brain with rhythms that’ll be affecting to way that you walk down the street for days on end. That being said, there isn’t a single sound in this song that sounds even a hair out of place and it has come together like a very well oiled machine.

If you like your music big and full of life, you might just want to give this a spin.

Ciaran Steward

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