Brother Cephus – Wounded Hearts

Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 12.32.24Siblings making music can always result in plenty of tension and bad blood running through a family yet there’s a calmness to this offering from Brother Cephus that would suggest that these brothers have a much more pleasant relationship than, say, that of the Gallaghers.

With a Fleet Foxes-esque sound in places, the surprisingly delicate vocals are laid over a mellowed out drum beat and guitars that’ll have you drifting away to sleep, or at least letting any tension flow seamlessly away from your shoulders and out into the cold air where it’ll simply vanish and allow you to have an enjoyable day as your soul realises that there’s nothing worth worrying about so it may as well just slump down on the sofa beside you and experience a day of stress-free bliss. The brothers are able to provide an experience that’ll stay with you long after the track has gone and as you reminisce about their exquisite vocals, you’ll know that you’ve had an experience that’s well worth repeating.

What a genuinely lovely tune. I might make this my alarm, though I doubt I’d ever want to turn it off.

Ciaran Steward

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