Anna Zed – I’m Falling

Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 15.05.49There’s something truly wonderful possible through the fusing of cultural backgrounds, and indeed when two or more musical styles are able to entwine to form one song. A great example of this is with this track from Anna Zed as the singer-songwriter scatters hints of her Greek background into this crossover of acoustic and electronic music.

Of course, as with any example of music formed in this manner there’s a certain sense of atmosphere that flows about – Anna is able to channel that floating feeling that made Florence and the Machine so irresistible for quite some while, the backing vocals are particularly similar to the spirit that flowed through Lungs. This added electronic element makes it into a little less of a free-form piece, as is the will of machinery, and actually helps it to become a song that’s fully formed and has strengths in several areas across the board. As well as being a masterclass in songwriting, the song shows us how even the lightest touches can play the biggest part in creating a memorable moment that’ll become a juicy little earworm in days to come.

It’s a little bit of a head-trip this one but, if you give it a proper listen, you’ll find yourself being impressed at every little twist and turn.

Ciaran Steward

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