The Bad Years – Common Mistake

Screen shot 2015-02-06 at 10.25.04This beauty from The Bad Years is pure temptation right from the very first sounds that so kindly intrude upon your ears, acting as an introduction for a tune that has a wonderful chorus and a general vibe that makes it as irresistible as the offer of a free pint.

You’re never really too sure from the music whether or not the tale being spun by these sounds is a joyous affair or a tale of woe, warning you away. The mystery and intrigue raised by their selection of chords is reminiscent of what makes We Are Scientists so brilliant. There’s an intentional uncertainty that flows through it and, in a society where we want constant gratification and answers at our doorstep, the purest questions of music remain unanswered. As they should. The LA-based outfit certainly know a thing or two about putting a song together as there’s a wonderful consistency from start to finish that never gets dull for even the slightest hint of a second.

It’ll feel as though you’re under some kind of unbreakable spell that, in all honesty, you’re quite happy to be trapped in for a little while longer.

Ciaran Steward

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