Hey Colossus – Sisters And Brothers

IScreen shot 2015-02-08 at 19.30.26‘ve got chills, they’re even beginning to multiply (I’m so so sorry…) courtesy of this fantastic behemoth of a track from the aptly named Hey Colossus. There’s a real colossal driving force behind this track that doesn’t just come from one instrument alone, it’s the whole band acting as a powerful unit, barging past anything that might get in the way of it bursting into your ears and smashing your mind wide open.

The distorted vocals give it an added aggression that, in all honesty, probably isn’t necessary given the sheer force of the instruments yet it acts as a commanding leader over the top of it’s loyal musical subjects as they march on, carrying with them the spirit of all that is rocking and the velocity of a rocket as it leaves our planet in search of bigger and better things. If that rocket would hang around for a couple minutes more and shove these sounds inside whatever metallic listening device it uses to hear things, there’s no doubting that it would realise that there’s something much larger inhabiting the Earth’s aural atmosphere than it could have ever imagined.

What an absolute belter.

(P.s. Their brilliant new album is out now!)

Ciaran Steward

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