Urso Polar – Oh My God I’m So Happy Right Now

Screen shot 2015-02-06 at 14.25.42If you’re going into a song with a title like this expecting anything other than something upbeat that you’ll be shuffling your feet too then you’ve either not read the title or taken it as a portion of irony. There’s no hidden message behind the title when it comes to the feeling of the music as Urso Polar give their take on one of the most over-used popular culture clichés whilst mixing surf rock with some top-notch indie guitars. The result? I can’t even…

If this were the mid 2000s these guys would be right up there with the likes of Paramore and that Welsh band that we don’t talk about any more blasting their way out of the speakers of teenagers around the world as they strive to be different by dressing and looking like people they’ve seen pictures of online. That may sound a bit catty… Sorry. Still, the music itself is just a joy to listen to and bring memories of happy days flooding back into my ears and I’d quite happily see myself out on a Saturday night getting right into this, forgetting that as I’m now in my mid-20s that going out to clubs is best left for the more youthful among us.

These guys should be playing through speakers across the world as what they’ve managed to do, with some ease, is get that pure teenage essence bottled up within every last element of this track. It’s “amazeballs”.

Ciaran Steward

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