Fellow Creatures – Séance (SHUKA)

Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 19.38.28Oh sweet funkiness, how I love it when you visit my senses. As my toes start to tap, my hips start to wiggle and my eyes start to close in sheer pleasure, I best get on with writing this review of Fellow Creatures ace track before I get too carried away and start dancing around the room. Alright, just a quick little dance first…

There are plenty of brilliant elements to the song, not least the sparser moments which provide a worthy adversary in the fight for balance, more than holding their own against these moment that may all the blood in your body get so in time with the music that your heart starts beating on the 1. Why yes, I am a bassist. The brief refrain that gives the track the bracketed portion of its title is an instant hit with me and everything that surrounds it is merely adding to the awesomeness that flows seamlessly through this song from start to finish, there’s not a moment in which I’m not in total bliss.

I could spend a few minutes trying to come up with a witty soundbite at the end but, of course, I’m just going to have to put the track on again and have another little dance. Happiness, thy name is ‘Séance (SHUKA)‘.

Ciaran Steward

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