Handful #4: Lola De Hanna

Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 11.22.07Though Lola De Hanna‘s music is a little different to the sort of thing I usually get stuck in my head I simply haven’t been able to shift it from my mind for over a week now. What I love so much about ‘A Knack For These‘ is the excellent sense of rhythm that runs through the track. Her voice is certainly the centre of attention, and rightfully so, as it has an alluring charm that draws you as if it is a curled finger, leading you astray with the lightest touch on your chin. With an almost film soundtrack-esque quality to it, Lola’s music is very intriguing indeed and it’s rather easy to get swept away, into her world. She provides us with this week’s handful.

Hear Lola’s track ‘A Knack For These’ here;

Here are her picks;

Cocteau Twins – “Evangeline”

Every percussion hit, every guitar chord and every melisma coming out of Liz Fraser’s voice instantly transports you to a parallel universe. For musicians, this song is a constant inspiration to make music that touches upon the huge range of human emotions. From the very beginning, this song sucks you in and doesn’t let go until the very last second.

Bodyface – “I Love You Vampire”

One the best song arrangements I’ve ever heard. The syncopations in rhythm, the angsty riffs, the heavy distortions and intensity in singer’s expression all make for one of the best alternative/punk/rock tracks. Having seen the band play live, I would say that the live experience is the only thing better than listening to the track.

Gang of Four – “Damaged Good”

There is an addictive raw power that comes out of this Gang of Four track. As with most of their songs, the bass takes central stage, at least for me, and I always find myself dancing after the first seconds of the introductory riff. There is a transcending sense of urgency that comes out of the song.

The Afro Nick – “Don’t waste my time”

Cheerful, energetic and anthem-y. This song, written and performed by The Afro Nick has an indie-rock party feel which perfectly suits its recurring lyrical command “Don’t waste my time.” When I want to get energized and driven to move forward, I always put this song on.

Zero 7 – “Destiny”

Something about the vocal melody’s winding meanderings and the down tempo melancholy gives off this liberating feeling that makes you want to sit back and reflect. Destiny is one of those songs that combines soulful, crispy and warm vocals with a beat that has a visceral impact. It has chill flow with mesmerizing vocals.

Ciaran Steward

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