Sabals – Wild Thing

sabalsPut away your pretentiousness and your cynicism for a second and feast your ears and eyes on something that is so beautifully pure musical fantasy that anyone with any fondness of any kind for this sort of music must absolutely leap upon as if it were a ticking time bomb. Yes, this track from Sabals is (and I can’t stress how sorry I am for this) the bomb.

There’s a fuller bass sound than you’ll hear in most places and it cuts right through me as if it’s a pre-warmed knife gently making its way through some butter that’s been out of the fridge for a few minutes at least. With ever reliable drums and a guitar that plays a big part in the song without ever becoming too much of a domineering feature, everything simply sits behind vocals that behold a shade of mystery within each syllable and they bring the song to a head with a memorable chorus that’ll most certainly be left behind in your brain as you lay in bed this evening, wide awake wishing you hadn’t just listened to the same song ten times on repeat.

And that final hit? Oh my…

Ciaran Steward

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