October Drift – Whoever

Screen shot 2015-02-14 at 19.29.09Though I was unable to take my eyes off the beautiful Formby beach the first time I watched the video for this track from October Drift, on closer inspection there’s some pretty blazing music playing as well! Who knew?

I wasn’t quite expect the ferocity with which the band throw themselves into the music, given the slightly more sombre verses, yet their full throttle approach had me jumping for joy as the sheer velocity of the track gave me the sensation of standing in the middle of heavy traffic on a rainy day, soaked right through and absolutely loving every second of it. It feels as though your ears are being mercilessly pounded and yet somewhat massaged at the same time, it’s as if they’ve managed to encapsulate the essence of both beauty and the beast into these brief minutes of musical excitement.

There’s nout wrong with getting a bit of pumping music in your ears and you’ll be getting more than your required daily allowance of top tunes if you listen to this beauty from October Drift more than once. Still, I bet you can’t help yourself.

Ciaran Steward

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