Bad For Lazarus – 7 Minute Itch (featuring Liela Moss)

7 Minute Itch CoverRecording a song and the corresponding music video live simultaneously is a pretty risky move that most of us would definitely steer clear of. However, if you’re able to do something so brilliantly live as Bad For Lazarus have with this rip-roaring musical joy maker then you’d best get out there and do it, otherwise I’m going to have to keep on thinking that they’re the unrivalled champions of this art.

Roping in Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit to provide her exquisite vocals, the track slips seamlessly between light and dark as it seeks to enter your ear by any means possible. It has some gloriously ominous bassline floating around whilst the guitars do nothing to dispell the air of mystery that floats right through the sounds from start to finish – the drums, simply unbeatable. All the elements of this cracker are excellent within their own rights but when they all come together it results in a sound that quite simply will blow you away.

From the snare drum right through to the powerful vocals, everything comes together to make ‘7 Minute Itch‘ a track that has everything you could ever ask for.

Ciaran Steward

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