Hit The B Button! – Martial

Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 16.52.31To anyone who has ever played a Mario game, you’re going to love the opening of this track from Hit The B Button! and it’s well worth sticking around to hear how the rest of it plays out. Though the vocalist sometimes sounds like he’s holding something back, there’s an energy running through the track that’s nice to hear and their sense of optimism is one that certainly needs to be cherished.

The force of the guitars, drums and bass in unison is very enjoyable to listen to – some of the dreamier sounds that come in are a little too tender for what the rest of the band sound like they’re trying to achieve. Admittedly, one of my favourite things about the track are the We Are Scientists backing vocals which are judged so sweetly and genuinely add something brilliant to the mix.

When they let their inhibitions go and give it that bit more good old-fashioned ‘oomph’, this track really comes into life and leaves the lingering effect of a smile plastered across your face.

Ciaran Steward

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