Handful #5: Dirty Darling Theory

Screen shot 2015-02-19 at 14.55.34This week’s handful comes from a bloke called Dave. Alright, David. Ok, he’s not just a bloke I met down the pub or anything, he’s actually one of them musicians – working under the name Dirty Darling Theory. His track ‘Now You’ve Gone And Broke My Heart‘ has a wee touch of Foo Fighters running through it, despite not going for that all guns blazing approach. It’s an independent sound that you’ll have heard something similar to before yet there’s a certain charm that floats through the sounds of this track as the classic acoustic guitar and vocals combination is supported by a full band sound that makes it sit just that bit higher up the ladder than most others working with these sort of sounds.

Check out the track here.

Here are a handful of tracks that inspire David to make his cracking music;

Elliot Smith – “Needle in the Hay”

I’ll never forget the first time I heard this song. My roommate had downloaded the soundtrack to “The Royal Tenenbaums” on our computer and I stumbled across it purely by accident. The level of grip it had on me as I listened to it cannot be understated. I immediately listened for a second and then third time. It remains to this day one of the few songs that never, ever gets skipped when it gets shuffled in my player. It’s the epitome of Smith’s sadly beautiful, stripped down music. Pity he spiralled out the way he did.

Queens of the Stone Age – “Go With The Flow “

Easily the best high-octane, balls to the wall rock song of the twenty years, in my opinion. Dave Grohl’s drums during the verse are especially wicked and the video for the song is also pretty badass. QOTSA remains to this day the single best rock show I’ve ever seen. They are the tightest, most cohesive band during performance and in spite of the fact that their music is stoner/robot rock their music is anything but robotic live. I did a differently styled acoustic cover that can be seen here.

Slave to the Square Wave – “Sinners of Saint Avenue”

I’m partial to this band since I’ve worked my day job with the lead singer Colin Troy for about 8 years now, and have seen SttSW several times. They put on an incredible show that’s half Bowie, half Talking Heads and half Devo, and I’m bad at math. “Sinners of Saint Avenue, the lead single of their 2007 album “Big Change” had an amazing video to match the great tune.

Manu Chao – “La Primavera/Me Gustas Tu”

Another track that gripped me the instant I heard it is this two part song from Manu Chao’s amazing second studio album “Esperanza”. The beautiful contrapuntal bounce between the one-note organ line and the pretty guitar riff mixed with the melody of the vocals gets me every time. Manu Chao’s ability to layer found sounds, samples and simple yet beautiful music, all while switching between English, Spanish, French language (and more) has always entranced me.

Mother Mother – “O My Heart”

Came across this Canadian alt-rock five piece a few years back after downloading an indie rock mixtape from some website or another. Pretty much every album from this band is amazing and I got to see them in a very small venue several years back as part of NXNW. The lead singer Ryan Guldemond randomly walked up and stood next to my wife and I as we all watched the opening band before he climbed onstage to bang out his set, which was obviously a cool experience. This song was a large lyrical inspiration for my song Droning Out.

Ciaran Steward

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