Bright Young People – Solitude

bypWithin an instant you can feel yourself being transported into the centre of a small practice room, surrounded by Bright Young People as they tune up and prepare to blow you away with intense, ginormous sounds that have all the power of a runaway train. Or one of those horses in the Grand National that lose their rider but carry on regardless.

If you like your music big and brash, this’ll be right up your street as it has echoes of punk smattered throughout a powerful alternative-rock vibe that’s sure to get crowds up on their feet no matter the occasion. With a guitar solo that sounds like it has been ripped straight out of rock music from years gone by, there’s a real awareness of exactly what the band are setting out to do and none of the individual members even consider wavering from this monumental cause. Fully-equipped with the perfect lead vocalist for this sort of music, a voice drenched in aggression and desire, these lads are making music that’ll make you want to rock out like you’ve downed a create of Stella and you’re ready to get rowdy.

This is an absolutely belting tune filled with enough energy to turn even the most mild-mannered janitor into Hong Kong Phooey.

Ciaran Steward

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