Wilbur – Madeline

Screen shot 2015-02-19 at 15.04.57Nice and rustic, this feels like the music equivalent of sitting down in a restaurant that has exposed bricks on one wall. It’s about as smooth as a nice cold Guinness and goes down in much the same way. Yes, these sounds from Wilbur are a very refreshing treat indeed.

I can’t help but find the lead vocals utterly charming, they come with a laid back approach that aptly represents the feeling of the lyrics and there’s a real sense of truth running through these words as if these tales have been lived a thousand times before. You’ll be unable to avoid the beautifully quaint guitar riffs and backing vocals that do such a great job of supporting the lead vocals, whilst the drums are busy providing all the atmosphere of a jazz club that’s got a particularly good night on tonight. Everything comes together so nicely to provide a vibe that’s cooler than a man dressed in a suit and sunglasses, leaning up against a lamppost, clicking his fingers with one hand whilst the other tosses a coin. Yes, that’s what I think cool is.

Though I’m still not entirely sure how to go about describing exactly what this track is, I’m very much sure that it’ll be a long time before I get tired of hearing these sounds.

Ciaran Steward

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