LF – Drip

LFIf you’re looking for something that’ll take you back about 20 years to when Britpop was in the air and people dressed like… Well, pretty much the same as they do now in Shoreditch, apparently the 90s are back in style. What fun. Anyway, these sounds from LF bring reminiscent, heady days of Oasis and Blur at their peak with the raw energy and genuine indie approach to music making that reminds me why I fell in love with this beautiful art form.

The call and response style vocals are something that you don’t seem to hear too much of nowadays but they’re a welcome addition to this cobbled together mash of sounds that’ll have you harking on about how when we were kids there was great music to be heard across pretty much every radio station. There are some ace basslines ripping through the middle of the song and the harshness of the guitar sounds helps them strike the very core of the music and smash right through your ears with reckless abandon.

Prepare for something that’s rough, ready and a ruddy good tune. And what a video, well worth a watch.

Ciaran Steward

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