Little Lapin – Remember The Highs

Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 20.37.08There’s a peculiar familiarity about this track from Little Lapin, it echoes several hallmarks of music from years gone by yet the vocal is so filled with a unique spirit that the sound is unmistakably that of someone new who happens to be putting some rather fine tunes together.

Though you never quite get that full, blaring sound that is sometimes hinted at, the choice to leave a little sparseness in the mix is a more than welcome one and it results in each instrument being given space to play in as everything comes together whilst maintaining a respectful distance – like that feeling you get when meeting friends of a friend for the first time, it’s a little strange but as you’re all human it all makes sense in a roundabout way. The vocal refrain of ‘If I’m not your baby any more‘ is a delicious hook to get stuck upon and will surely be raising questions and ringing bells in your head for days to come.

Maybe Little Lapin could take a few more risks with this track but on the whole there’s an enjoyable vibe and coming together of ideas that simply works like a well-oiled machine.

Ciaran Steward

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