The Desert Line – Heliotropic

Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 20.46.57It’s always nice to come across a song that has the simple effect of bringing a smile to your face through the sheer use of musical brilliance, something that this beauty from The Desert Line has by the bagful.

With a general uplifting feel, the quality of the guitar mastery, combined with a voice that appears to be as approachable as Patrick Stewart (though I’m keen to stress that it sounds nothing like the mighty actor) you can hear a twinge of The War On Drugs coming through, with a significantly softer edge. I’m particularly keen on the piano sound and the way that it plays off the guitars during a really well put together middle 8 or bridge or whatever the kids are calling them these days.

Whether this song is in instrumental mode or you’re listening to the ideal pairing of voices that act as your guide through it all, everything has a certain charm about it that simply draws you in and spoon-feeds you the sounds that it knows you want to hear. There’s no escaping it, you can’t help but fall right in love with this song.

Ciaran Steward

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