Rormix Picks

Rormix Picks #30

And so everyone’s favourite feature (due to the sheer lack of involvement on my part) turns 30 a mere 7 years before I do – do the maths yourself. Yes, Rormix Picks has gone on far longer than I ever thought it would, due entirely to the wonderful Nicole who puts it all together each week and does a mighty fine job of picking some great tracks – though the Drake Bell track may have raised a few questions. Anyway, if you haven’t already done so do go out and download the app, it’ll bring you a selection of music tailor made for you. It’s like me but more efficient and actually works for longer than 5 minutes without crashing.

So, that’s the word count filled, here are this week’s picks – prepare to click;

Little Grim – Vice

Little Grim released their debut single ‘Vice’ not even two weeks ago, and their sending waves through the London music scene and the blogisphere, and for good reasons. In an interview with Rormix they say the song is about the way people change in alcohol infused situations, and become very different people. Check out the trippy visuals to go with the track. (I love this track so so much – C)

little grim



Prelow – Mistakes Like This

New York’s freshest duo Prelow’s newest offering is a winner – if not only for the hilarious lyrics (just listen to the chorus). Matt Walsh and Jesse Aicher are the two 22 year old’s who make up the duo, and they have created this melody which will get stuck in your head for hours. They’re currently on tour with Skizzy Mars – expect big things.




Brightlight City – The Charm Offensive

Surrey based five piece Brightlight City have seen a flurry of activity since they started just last year, having supported bands like Bastille and Dog Is Dead, and getting attention from none other than Zane Lowe and John Kennedy. The band is founded on a long term friendship and you can tell – they’re tight. I can only see them gaining more traction in 2015, as they continue to tour the UK with their ferocious live performances.

brightlight city



The Controversy – Queen Of Chinatown

Electro Art-Pop The Controversy are originally from Spain and Denmark, and are influenced by the likes of St. Vincent, Portishead and Massive Attack. Sit back while they take you on a psychedelic journey through a series of electronic beats and haunting vocals in their latest offering – Queen of Chinatown. The video was directed by the band, and describes the daily struggle for a drag queen.

the controversy



WALLA – The Kids Are Alright

Synth-infused indie-pop five piece WALLA are based out of LA, but collectively grew up in different parts of the world. Now they are together after finding each other digitally and combining their differing musical influences (everything from pop, funk, samba, rock, metal, folk, disco, and psychedelia) – they have managed to create this awesome and up-beat electro dance song. The lyrics are a powerful message for the youth of today – you’ll be okay. Bit of positivity for a Tuesday for you!




30 eh? Looks good for its age.


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