Loose Fruit Museum – Somersaults

Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 20.56.47Once I’d finally managed to get over the name Loose Fruit Museum (though I’m still at a loss as to whether or not there’s any meaning behind it) I found myself confronted by a slice of rock music that really had me rifling through my drawers for an old, black band t-shirt to wear so that I was fully equipped to rock out – no need for ear-defenders when you’re planning to rock this hard. Though, in all seriousness, they’re pretty handy if you want to be able to hear in later life.

Spiced with flavours of rock sounds range right through the last few decades, the big guitar sounds are ably supported by a rhythm section that has all the power of a wrecking ball going full speed ahead as Boris decides that more luxury flats are what London needs instead of cultural variety. What’s refreshing about this track is that it manages to capture that 90s warmth that Reel Big Fish, Sum 41 et al. managed to hold in the palm of their hand when they were rocking out. This isn’t surf shorts stuff though, this is the real deal.

With plenty of gusto and a determination that has surely led to many a furrowed brow, this is good old rock music, made just for 2015.

Ciaran Steward

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