Girl Friend – Monte Carlo

Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 17.25.40And once more Girl Friend have put out a track that should be blasted out of every single car stereo up and down the land – this one is yet another gem from these lads who have more talent than Katie Price has ex-husbands.

It’s a little more poppy that the sort of thing I’d general be pushing as hard as this but there’s something a little more alluring in this lot as they word so incredibly well as a unit and they manage to cross the void between being a pop act and being an indie band so seamlessly that you’d think these things were essentially just two hairs from the same head. Who could imagine? It’s full of catchy refrains and backing vocals that’ll make you weak at the knees, fortunately the rhythm section is undoubtedly strong enough to keep you from falling right down as they provide such an ample backbone for the track as though it were wholly reliant on their foundations.

Everything comes together in such a way that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this scattered across the radio stations in no time at all. And in all the music magazines… Oh, there aren’t many of them left any more. That’s a shame.

Ciaran Steward

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