Nothing Always Works – In It

Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 17.31.25I feel like I’m trapped in one of those industrial bins that you see in alleyways in American films, old fashioned gangsters bashing away at the metallic interior in an attempt to reach me through this odorous cage. Though they could use their guns pretty sharpish and end the problem, these don’t seem to be the brightest lot – it must mean that they’re the baddies.

The word industrial is certainly bounded about a fair bit in music but I haven’t heard many songs more deserving of the term than this one from Nothing Always Works as I genuinely feel like at any moment I could be engulfed in scrap metal – if a crowbar were to come smashing into my ear in the next few moments I can honestly say I wouldn’t be taken completely by surprise. I’m sure it would still hurt a ruddy lot though. It’s dark and brooding, with hints of melody that never quite break the melancholic feel – which is no bad thing by any means. It’s one of those rare occasions on which the artist has tried to create a realm of darkness and actually succeeded, rather than just screaming into a microphone and making a mess of everything.

Oh shit, Jimmy The Shoes has just popped the lock on this dumpster. I’d better cheese it…

Ciaran Steward

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