Life In Film – It’s What Happens Next That Matters Most

Screen shot 2015-03-13 at 16.11.37I first came across Life In Film during my time at university in Liverpool, I believe I covered a gig of theirs at The Shipping Forecast which you can probably find online somewhere. As much as they thrilled me back then, I find it hard to believe that it could have been a patch on the quality of their latest offering – this is pure, unadulterated indie gold.

With all the essence of that mid-00s indie sound that I so often crave, the band use a slow beginning to lull you into a false sense of security before they come at you with all guns blazing as if they’d heard you just put the kettle on and were absolutely gasping for a cuppa. Well, maybe a bit more powerful than that but you should never separate a man from his tea. There’s a unity running right through the band that translates instantly from the dazzling guitar riffs, through the wonderful rhythm section and into the vocals as if it was some kind of electric pulse.

If you’re into a lovely slice of indie guitar music, and if you’re a WCT regular then you probably are, this is something not to be missed.

Ciaran Steward

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