Elephants and Castles – L I L O

Screen shot 2015-03-13 at 16.40.49Thanks to music I’m beginning to learn how to spell words that begin with L – The Kinks taught me how to spell a certain name many years ago and now the brilliantly named Elephants and Castles are letting me know how to spell my favourite swimming instrument. If only school had been this aurally entertaining.

The inevitable spelling is done rather well to create a a catchy chorus, surrounded by a selection of incredibly tight moments of brilliance from the band – there are several vocal phrases that also brought a cheeky grin to my face, I think I like these guys quite a bit. Though they may have captured my heart with their name and the song’s concept, it’s the guitar which has me eating out of the palm of their hand. There are a whole host of brilliant licks on offer and I’m lapping them up like the cat who got the cream that your elbow carelessly knocked off the kitchen counter, dammit Keith!

In my head, this is exactly what indie pop should sound like – catchy melodies combining with a selection of familiar sounds, resulting in a song that is better value for money than a free meal.

Ciaran Steward

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