Rormix Picks

Rormix Picks #32

Once more into the breach my friend, there’s another batch of Rormix picks just sitting here waiting for you to tune in, Yet again the lovely folks at Rormix are introducing you to five artists that you should be checking out and, if you’re feeling adventurous, you might even fancy checking out their app – it’s rather good, honest! Without further ado, here are this week’s picks (don’t forget to click the pictures to watch the videos!);

HOLYCHILD – Running Behind

Earlier last year we saw the release of Holychild’s EP Mindspeak, their first EP since signing to Glassnote. ‘Every Time I Fall’ is definitely a highlight, with guitars riffs that make your eyes water and intense yet effortless vocals. A bouncy yet floaty noise pop classic. They’re newest song ‘Running Behind’ may sound familiar – it’s just been featured on the Apple Watch TV advert. Impressive!




JPNSGRLS – Circulation

Indie/rock quartet JPNSGRLS hail from Vancouver, BC, and were named after leftover alphabet cereal. No joke. The band have been hailed as the ‘next Canadian Arctic Monkeys’, and are playing SXSW after releasing their debut album ‘Circulation. Keep your eyes wide open for these guys.




White Lilac – Night Visions

Formerly known as Faye Rogers on the indie music scene, Faye found her acoustic solo performances didn’t quite fit in with her actual music taste, and with the help of her band mates Curtis, Emma and Tom they are now producing some of the best indie/alternative music we have on Rormix. White Lilac have been described by Just Music That I Like as producing a ‘quite spectacular statement of intent’ with their debut track ‘Night Visions’, and with the band recording their new single as we speak – we’re looking forward to seeing what else they have in store.

white lilac


Dawn Richard – Tide: The Paradox Effect

Every so often you get the perfect video and song combo – this may be it. With the awesome animations and the R&B Electro soundtrack to the video you cannot go wrong on the latest offering from Dawn Richard. Her second album ‘Blackheart’ is available now.

dawn richard



IL FIENO – Hiroshima

Although IL FIENO has existed since 2011, they have seen more than a few changes to their line up. But it seems the Italian indie/pop quartet have finally found their stability and their latest release ‘Hiroshima’ proves that they have made the right changes. Perfect for Factory Records enthusiasts, they draw inspiration from Joy Division, New Order and The Cure. The new album came out on 26th February, entitles ‘I VIVI’ and it’s well worth a listen.

Il Fieno



Top tunes.


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