Premiere: Wetwood Smokes – Stark


How about getting your ears around something brand new? I’m pretty darn sure that it’s going to float your boat.

Ahead of the release of their Organ Donor EP on 19th March, the Wetwood Smokes folks have been kind enough to let me bring you the first opportunity to listen to the brilliant track ‘Stark‘.

The track opens up with the suggestion that the band could be America’s answer to Arctic Monkeys yet instead they opt for a significantly more upbeat and folk-infused direction – suiting them to a tee. With a cracking vocal tone at the helm, the trio come together to mess with time and tone in the creation of a track that’s full of life and has an absolutely killer bass tone.

Get ready to slip on your dancing shoes, this one’s bound to get you up and moving.

Ciaran Steward

Stark‘ will be released as part of the Organ Donor EP on 19th March, available via iTunes, Spotify and all those cool sites.

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