Alphabetic – Human Too

11037662_997069633644477_8278770074213592094_oAfter being awarded my prestigious (humour me) ‘Best Track of 2014’ award for their excellent ‘Good Lovers‘ I’ve been waiting anxiously for the next release from Alphabetic as it seems as though everything this lot get their hands on becomes even more valuable than gold. So, how does this new release match up?

It’s absolutely brilliant.

With a much calmer tone than their previous offering, the vocals of both Walter Heale and Rebecca Lever are once again on point and the general serenity that runs behind them fills your heart with hope while the lyrics tell a tale as old as time. The interjections of the synths and guitar that break up the vocals are also a welcome introduction as they manage to keep the same charm about them as the rest of the song does, blending in as nicely as you might expect. The ever-reliable other half of the foursome, drummer Jon Baxter and the multi-talented Raph Chesterman, round everything out nicely with their measured contribution that may sometimes go unnoticed yet is no less valuable to the beautiful sounds of the band than anything else.

These are four very talented, musically-minded people that are once more showing off their appreciation for great electronic music by adding some wonderful sounds to the canon – leaving me once more feeling like all is right with the world.

Ciaran Steward

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