Forebear – Cusp

Screen shot 2015-03-24 at 20.30.43All 4 tracks on Forebear‘s self-titled EP are absolutely class, for me though there was something about ‘Cusp‘ that made it so overwhelmingly alluring that I simply couldn’t look past it. Filled with some wonderful riffs coming from all corners of the aural soundscape, this delicately measured operation is pulled off as expertly as a magician’s tablecloth.

There does indeed seem like there’s something magical about this band of psychedelic-twinged indie clever-dicks, they’re making music that sounds as beautiful as an entire film score and fitting it into 5 minute chunks that tell a greater story than many film-makers will ever dream of. It holds within it the tightness of Jaco Pastorius-esque bass playing, guitar riffs that sound like they could be off-cuts from one of Clapton’s calmer efforts and, perhaps more importantly than anything else, there’s no denying that the band are all reading from exactly the same hymn sheet.

Perfect for watching the hours of a chilled out afternoon fly by, you’ll feel your heart-rate and your shoulders drop as you submerge yourself in the sounds of LA’s finest.

Ciaran Steward

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