The Silver Bayonets – Schemes

Screen shot 2015-03-28 at 07.47.42Though the first few chords might have you thinking that you’ve stumbled across an intriguing version of ‘Boys Don’t Cry‘, if you wait around for a few more seconds you’ll encounter the high-tempo, hard-hitting sounds of the latest single from The Silver Bayonets. And I reckon it’s probably worth sticking around for.

If you like your music to be something that runs off of pure musical energy, racing away like a runaway train then this will surely be to your liking. Despite the raw power the seems to fuel this beast there’s a lovely bit of musicality flowing through the track that bands often miss out on when they’re trying to put together something as rip-roaring as this. The way that the drums beckon in the rapid-fire guitars is exactly the sort of thing that can replace a big cup of coffee in the morning and, if you’re giving this a listen pre-work, it’ll certainly set you up with the drive you need for the long day ahead.

With a tried and tested sound that’ll be familiar to anyone over the age of 18 as being the sort of thing you might come across regularly in your local music venue at the end of the night. Get ready to replace your daily caffeine boost.

Ciaran Steward


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