Fight Like Apes – Pretty Keen On Centrefolds

Screen shot 2015-03-29 at 14.01.01Here’s a lovely bit of synth-driven aural pleasure for you to wrap your ears around as Fight Like Apes have put together a song with a killer lead vocal and top-notch sounds coming out of pretty much every orifice.

The key lyric line, from which the track takes its name, is performed expertly on each occasion and the slightly unhinged nature of the performance makes it something that you can’t take your eyes (or ears!) off of for even a milli-second as you’re never quite sure what you’re going to miss. As they manipulate the tried and tested format of time within the music you’ll realise quite how much they know exactly what they’re doing. But all of these excellent sounds may have been for nothing if it weren’t for the absolutely inch-perfect vocals that sit atop this wave of musical expertise. Whether it’s the delectable tone, razor-sharp lyrics or the angsty delivery that has me quite so enraptured I can’t quite tell. However, what I do know is that I’ve spent the last hour listening to as much music from these guys as I can get my hands on!

It’s not quite my usual cup of tea but every now and again something just so brilliant comes along that you just can’t ignore it. This is the wonderful side of music.

Ciaran Steward 

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