Safari Gold – Howl

Screen shot 2015-03-29 at 14.28.28You can’t beat a nice bit of bass that hums below everything else and sweeps your feet out from underneath you. This track from Safari Gold has just that desirable features and the lightness of everything that sits on top works excellently, the contrast creating a wonderful open space in which they’re able to seat you and welcome you into their sound.

Whether you’re a fan of the ball-tingly high vocals of the way that the band use the sonic sphere as a realm for their experiments (that go about as brilliantly as The Powerpuff Girls!) there’s surely something about this track that everyone will love. The guitar that fiddles away to one side stands out as a key factor to this song’s success, fitting nicely into the mix without ever becoming too dominant yet there is no ignoring its worthy contribution. It’s the minuscule details that let you know how well produced this track is and the way that everything fits together as simply as a 4-piece jigsaw puzzle is a real treat for your ears.

Yes, this is me liking something that’s pretty darn poppy. Keep it to yourselves, right?

Ciaran Steward

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