I Have Been Mostly Listening To #20

It has been over two months since I foolishly said “don’t worry, there’s going to be another playlist from me next week” (or some drivel along those lines”. I’m duly delivering, slightly late, the much-anticipated 20th instalment of the WCT playlist as I’ve got an awful lot of music sitting in my inbox that it’s taking a criminally long time to get around to writing about. I do apologise to all of you that have had no reply/a promise of a review – there is very much a long review list – but due to currently working two jobs and studying to become a proper journalist, so I can write good, I’ve not been able to write as much as I’d hoped. Still, some of you fools keep coming back.

Oh right, the playlist. The theme? I’ve gone back to basics and stuck to bands I’ve seen live/I’m off to see live in 2015. Yes, it’s lazy, I don’t care. Here y’are;

And instead of an 80s moment I’m moving into the greatest decade to be born in;

It’s good to have you back old friend…


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