Bel Esprit – Island

Screen shot 2015-04-05 at 14.25.29It’s a welcome return to WCT for Southampton-based indie masters Bel Esprit as they once more deliver another slice of musical goodness that’ll pull you in as if they’ve got you trapped like a puppet on a string.

The opening phrases in which the rhythm section provide a steady backbone for some top quality guitar sounds  are enough of a tease to ensure that you stick around to hear what else they offer, you’re certain not to be disappointed. The vocals are delivered in a surprisingly calm manner as the rest of the band crank into top gear for the belting choruses, though their melodic nature adds a little restraint which keeps the whole affair from turning into chaos. It might be slightly predictable in places but the synchronicity between the band members on show each time the track rises and falls is a joy to behold and, as the track rages to a powerful conclusion, you’ll find yourself being swept along on a wave of sounds that are very pleasing to the ear.

This portion of musical goodness is well worth wrapping your ears around and it looks as though the band may have big things ahead. Rightfully so.

Ciaran Steward

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