The Nursery – She Speaks The Wave

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 10.45.58There’s an epic B-side attached to this absolute belter which is also worth checking out (it’s right here!) but it’s still eclipsed by the exquisite A-side which shows The Nursery going into a track all guns blazing and emerging afterwards without so much as a scratch on their arms.

The sound has a bit of a Maximo Park edge to it, with plenty of added bite laced on top to help ensure that you’re completely blown away before they even need to consider reloading. The Toronto-based outfit leave no man behind as they race away through the fields, striking down everything in their path with a selection of glorious synth riffs and some guitar sounds not too dissimilar to those being produced at the latter end of John Frusciante’s RHCP career. As the vocals act as the patrol leader, barking out commands to the rest of the bands and leading by a stellar example, the band keep your pulse racing from start to finish.

If you’ve not had any caffeine yet today, this’ll do instead.

Ciaran Steward

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