Full Trunk – Time For Us To Move

FTIsraeli rockers Full Trunk have more than a hint of blues about their sound, in fact it sounds as though they’ve been spending time with the legends of both the rock and jazz world in an attempt to fuse the two. The result? Absolutely seamless.

Filled with complex, entertaining riffs that get the whole band behind them as if it were a concert jazz band taking on the Albert Hall, this track has all the hunger and desire of a blues-influenced rock and roll classic yet the toe-tapping addition of this modern blues influx means that there’s far too many sounds for you to wrap your head around. You’ll never feel like you’ve been taken anywhere outside of your comfort zone as these are all sounds that we’ve heard before, it’s just that they’ve been repurposed in such a way that they create a fusion of sounds that are unmistakably gold dust to the touch. Everything from the excellently toned guitars to the irresistible organ sound makes for a pleasing musical journey indeed.

This might not be the sort of thing I’d usually get so adamantly behind but it’s been some time since a song has made me hunger for a return to making music.

Ciaran Steward

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