Our Man In Berlin – Molière

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 12.26.23I’m a little late to the pulse with this track, even by my slack standards, but this track from Our Man In Berlin had me rocking to-and-fro as if I were a sloth sat in a rocking chair upon a veranda, looking out onto a buzzing cities of bright lights and big noises as I sit back and enjoy a nice, tall cocktail.

This high-tempo ripper comes straight out of Australia but it’s so easy to identify with the sound that it could well have been made in any of the finest studios across the world. It’s not the most complex of mind-bending sound that you’ll ever come across yet you’ll still find yourself easily being left behind as the song sprints away into the sunset – leaving a dust outline of itself standing beside you á la Scooby Doo. This track wouldn’t sound out of place in one of those popular high-tempo, all-action, car-based movies as it has all the gusto of a turbo engine running at full capacity.

There’s no sign of letting up in sight and from start to finish you’re treated to a full-frontal, buzzing piece of music that’ll have you itching to just get up and run.

Ciaran Steward

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