Savage Nomads – Rosy Tan

10866258_10152769963826134_6689143958745563459_oYet again the Savage Nomads lads have shown just how talented they are as the video for their latest track ‘Rosy Tan‘ shows the Londoners once more in full flow as their on and off-stage presence exudes straight out of the screen and into your eyes.

Of course, having a stylish video is all well and good but does the song match up? Unsurprisingly so, Cole Salewicz once more acts as the pivotal frontman with the depth of his confidence voice on offer once again as he strives to become the king of London’s music scene – he deserves some sort of crown at least. The rest of the band provide a selection of tasty bass riffs, full-throttle drums and the high quality guitar interplay of the Miles brothers that have long provided the band with the solid foundations of their sound. All 5 band members are undoubtedly pulling their weight and as the sounds provide you with enough positive endorphins to keep you going for weeks on end, they’ll keep making fine music like this for some time yet.

Though they might protest that they don’t care, there’s a hell of a lot of passion in these sounds.

Ciaran Steward

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