White Reaper – Make Me Wanna Die

Screen shot 2015-04-21 at 07.54.42

Big, brash and sure to set your head on fire, the raging force behind this new beauty from White Reaper will make you feel like spontaneous combustion is possible – and something that you’d be quite happy to experience!

With a Ramones edge to the sound, the general lo-fi nature of the track makes it a belting work of garage-punk art. The snarling vocals head up the band that have all the energy of Sir Bradley Wiggins after he’s just heard the winner of the Tour De France now gets to sing a duet with Paul Weller. The track has all the raw passion that makes so many of us fall in love with music and its unbridled desire to get your bounding around like a lunatic shows that this bunch have got a whole lot of faith in their music. Rightfully so, when music is this good there’s no need for modesty.

This song doesn’t make me want to die, it makes me want to pick up a guitar and whack the volume right up.

Ciaran Steward

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