Andy Shauf – You’re Out Wasting

Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 08.51.37Once you step out of the vast, empty wasteland and into this peculiar little cabin nestled within the snow, the voice of Andy Shauf welcomes you in as his soothing tones let you know that you’ve found a safe place to rest.

You’re unlikely to come across a set of more pleasing harmonies this year, it’s like being surrounded by a room filled with candy floss and pillows that you’re not responsible for cleaning. There’s a delicate balance being struck between a simplistic, Neil Young style track and something a little more intricate such as Bon Iver’s sounds from a couple of years back. It sounds as though this is the sort of music that you can hear across the globe yet Mr Shauf has curated his collection of sounds so beautifully that it’s impossible to fight them off as you envelop yourself within these glorious, fulfilling aural treats. As a moose nods his head along to these sounds from outside the window, you know that you’ve found something rather spectacular indeed.

Unfortunately it’s time to step back out into the wasteland, at least you’ll never forget this phenomenal experience.

Ciaran Steward

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