Kids On Bridges – When The Needle Drops

Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 08.17.36When a band is making one song after another that’s so irresistible it can become hard to find new ways to try and force you to listen to them, though I implore you to wrap your ears around anything and everything you can from Kids On Bridges as the Liverpool-based trio seem to get their tunes absolutely spot on each and every time.

This latest offering is a little more Hot Chip influenced, funky guitar riffs and beautifully poppy synths lie below a selection of vocals – including Christian Bragg’s lead which is once more on point and some unmistakably auto-tuned voices that fit the mystique of the track better than you might imagine. It’s nice to hear such an electronic turn from these lads as they prove that they’re able to create everything from a feisty political belter to a substantially more chilled out indie-pop offering that makes for much more suitable listening in the early hours. There’s very little wrong with this latest effort and as the sounds fade away you’re probably going to want to press that play button at least once more.

It’s no surprise when Kids On Bridges put out a high quality tune any more, it has simply become the norm.

Ciaran Steward

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