Inner Tongue – Tz, Ka

Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 15.42.27When I read the title of this track from Inner Tongue I was lined up to make some kind of pun about it sounding like a drumkit. Then I heard the song and realised they’d beaten me to it. So I’m opening with an anecdote about what I would have done instead.

Oh, yeah, it’s a ruddy great piece of music this.

Drawing from the very deepest end of the emotional whirlpool, this unorthodox approach to sonic construction may well have you bawling like a child as you feel the pain of a thousand men laced within these sounds. It’s a beautifully pieced together piece of music that has everything you could ever ask for in a track set for a slow dance. We might not get to hear an awful lot of Austrian electro-pop over here but, if it all sounds like this, then I reckon we should be looking at importing it on an almighty scale.

When you’re left in a warm, dream-like state such as this, the real world doesn’t seem to matter any more and the music truly is everything.

Ciaran Steward

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