Kubalove – Trouble

Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 08.01.15If you’re a fan of pop songs that feel a little bit darker than your average chart-topping pop nonsense then you might just find yourself a new favourite artist in the form of Kubalove, the London-based electropop artist who is making music for anyone willing to take the plunge into the unknown.

As the synth sounds cascade around inside your hear, the vocals begin to somehow intertwine with the batch of electronic sounds until you reach the point where you consider the possibility that it might been artificial intelligence bringing these mesmerising sounds to your ears. If it does turn out that she’s a robot we might as well surrender to the oncoming uprising of the machines now as they’re already better than most of us at making top quality electropop. That’s probably enough to help them take over the entire world within a matter of days. While you’re lost in this world of marauding synthesis it’s well worth closing your eyes and seeing what obscure imagery you can conjure up about lasers rushing past your eyes and so on, if you’ve had a drink (or something else…) it’ll make for one hell of an experience.

Pop that I like, now that’s a rare one.

Ciaran Steward

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