Twin Hidden – A Berry Bursts

Screen shot 2015-05-31 at 15.03.13Indie pop darlings Twin Hidden return to these here pages as the duo from Manchester and Oxford one more provide willing listeners with a glimpse of what Mumford could have been had they not come across as being quite so pretentious.

And if they were making better music.

Filled with plenty of pop sparkle and dainty backing vocals, there’s more than a hint of folk rhythms and melodies floating around within these sounds yet the eventual finished product manages to stand strong as a pop song that’ll be sure to get your feet tapping as you sit on a slowly moving Victoria Line train, people slowly moving away from you as you’re getting a little too into your music. In a way it’s a relatively tame, inoffensive effort though this doesn’t make it weak by any means – it simply shows that you don’t need to approach your music with a ginormous fanfare for it to have a lasting effect on your ears. In fact, this sits so lightly within your ears that you may even feel yourself filled with a Dumbo-esque kind of wonder.

Have you ever seen an elephant fly? There’s still hope. Maybe.

Ciaran Steward

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