Handful #7 – The Big Sun

Ever wondered what inspires bands? Well, this is your chance to find out a bit more about what Oxford-based The Big Sun who got together at the tail-end of 2013 and have been making some very pleasant sounds indeed ever since. With plenty of play on mmmmmmmm6Music, the pair of aspiring producer Richard and teen singer Berry are co-writing quirky indie pop tunes that are sure to get you grinning. Check one of their finest tunes out right here before you delve into Richard’s hands;


The Smiths

There is absolutely nothing about the Smiths that would have made sense to a 1980’s A&R man from EMI concerned with shifting units. Mostly out of tune whining about how depressing life is. So thanks John Peel and Rough Trade. Yes, The Smiths have the world’s greatest guitarist, but the A&R man would have sacked the rest of the band and tried to pair him up with Mel and Kim (that would have been great too – good work A&R man!).

Lykke Li

This woman just exudes music like a miasmic humour, shifting like fog around a Swedishly abstracted façade that makes her and her very talented musical associates, much cooler and mysterious than me (and you and all of your friends)

Dog is Dead – Burial Ground

One of TBS singer Berry’s favourites, possibly associated in her mind with an Italian swimming pool and a boy from Nottingham … I think, I don’t know, she’s gone down the pub

Eliza Doolittle

The eponymous Eliza Doolittle album started it all off for us. It is a remarkable production masquerading as a throwaway pop album. Eight of the worlds brightest producers helped make this, the sounds are incredible, as are Eliza’s voice and the songwriting collaborations. We sent producer Craigie Dodds our first ever song and he invited us up to his studio for tea. Listen to this album properly: Seriously.

Unsigned band

Candy Says

We don’t know fellow Oxfordian Candy Says, we heard this track on our local radio and loved it.

Good old local radio, check out The Big Sun here.


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