Handful #8 – Frog

Before you ask, no, there aren’t eight frogs in my hand. That would be ridiculous and describing it would be a mere waste of words. Just like that. And that. And that. Moving on…

New York pairing Frog are putting out some might fine rock sounds that are unmistakably American and pretty hard to not get hung up on for a good few hours. Check out some sounds from there before the pair guide you through five of their favourite tracks for this week’s Handful;

Charlie Haden – Song For Che

10 out of 10. Evidence of intelligent life on Earth. Shoot this up in that silly time capsule. Has it launched yet? – Tom

Randy Newman – Marie

When I worked in restaurants (usually in the basement) I used to have shift-long day dreams about murdering idiotic customers. Randy Newman helped me stay out of prison (and eventually the basement). His songs allow you a brief glimpse in to the hearts and minds of obnoxious, lazy, selfish, and cowardly people, and boy oh boy are they just like you and me. It hurts so good to sit down with my stupid fucking enemies and agree to go out there tomorrow and not change a thing. – Tom

Eminem – It’s Ok

What a career trajectory. This album is brilliant. The fruits of sitting down and thinking really hard. – Tom

Clannad – Rí na Cruinne (w/ Chrissie Hynde and Geoffrey Oryema)

I didn’t know this version existed until I went out looking for a video that was something other than a montage of waterfalls and decrepit castles. I am experiencing this majesty at just about the same time as you. Have you seen this before? Please let me know where I can get more. Dear God, why did You let me miss Them when They were at B.B. Kings last year? – Tom

Unsigned Pick:
Charles Griffin Gibson (CHUCK) – Go into Town

I already included Chucky on another mix, but this is a good video by an unsigned friend so I think its OK to double up. Camera in the back of a truck, Chuck bikes into it, spaces out singing his song! Then he reaches the water and you see the city. Not bad! I used to live right next to here. – Dan

Find out more about Frog here.

Ciaran Steward

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