The Ghost Riders In The Sky – Wasteland

Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 17.03.20Oh. My. Word. This is an absolute firecracker that’ll burn your ears right off, now is probably a good time to put on your safety goggles. The Ghost Riders In The Sky waste no time at all in setting themselves up to knock down walls as their surf rock inspired brand of rushing alternative music clears out any cobwebs in a ten mile radius.

Faster than a greyhound with a particular vendetta against fake rabbits, this little ripper see Gallows songwriter Steph Carter’s new outfit unleash some highly intoxicating guitar-driven sounds that are so rabid you’ll have to bite your lip to keep yourself from screaming the safeword. There’s a lovely little Americana tinge which blends smoothly with a very British sense of being to the point, the resulting concoction sounding a tad like both but ultimately nothing like anything else at all. Sure, you can have your nice tracks filled with pretty, dainty melodies but this is the sort of sound you want backing you as you enter the thunderdome.

Moremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremore. Please.

Ciaran Steward

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