Joy Atlas – Dismount

Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 20.47.34This song is about as close as I’m able to get to liking something that bears any resemblance to Taylor Swift. Please take note. Though it isn’t exactly a particularly similar aural offering to those that Miss Swift seems to constantly dominate the airwaves with, Newcastle foursome Joy Atlas do still manage to capture a wonderfully pop-infused spirit and manage to keep me in a happy mood for an enjoyable three minutes.

That’s probably because I absolutely love singers with North-East accents (see Paul Smith of Maximo Park and Nadine Shah).

With plenty of space left for your imagination to fill in the gaps, these semi-futuristic sounds are aided by some delectable rhythms in their attempts to be a memorable speck in the ever-growing world of pop. This one is much more memorable than most though as a heavenly voice is backed by such sweet bass playing that I feel I may never bother picking up my four-stringed love again. As if this wasn’t enough, the synth interjections are judged so brilliantly that each time they come in your smile will increase by a few degrees. That’s maths that.

You don’t often get such forward-facing pop music as this, cherish it while you can.

Ciaran Steward

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