The Scarletts – Discontent

Screen shot 2015-06-07 at 17.31.17If you’re looking for something filled with all the angst you ever felt through your teenage years, The Scarletts have got something of a treat for you. With their old-school brand of indie rock the blaze away with hot-blooded guitar riffs and standard rock vocals to power their way through this cracker.

The Essex four piece rampage their way through with all the desire of he early Arctic Monkeys sound, though in truth it feels little more along the Miles Kane route with just a little less of the debonair charm. There’s no hiding it, this is a full-frontal guitar-fuelled assault that does everything it can to cram a week’s worth of calories into just over two minutes. Not a bad effort by any means for such a monumental task. The rough around the edges feel may not be to everyone’s tastes but for music like that you shouldn’t be looking for something that sounds too clean, it needs that gritty edge to feel somewhat ‘genuine’ – whatever that means.

It’s brash, abrasive and stocked with plenty of clichés. I love it.

Ciaran Steward

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