Matthew And Me – Kitsune

Screen shot 2015-06-07 at 17.43.31Follow me as I dive into the deep, cooling river and swim so far away from the sure that the trees upon the bank look as though they were tailor-made for a beautiful impressionist painting. Let the water rise up to your neck, your tiptoes barely touching the ground and let the majesty beauty of the scenery that surrounds you fill up your senses as though you’ve never truly experienced the world before.

Let all of the tension out of your shoulders and appreciate life for being exactly what it is; an adventure that has twists and turns that you’ll never be able to comprehend, let alone control, and let any existential crisis that battles away at your wits be freed from your mind’s grasp. Close your eyes and listen to the beautiful wilderness around you in the knowledge that you are ready to accept any challenge that may come your way and that from this moment onwards the only way to go is forwards, whether or not it seems like the most logical idea or not.

That’s what listening to this absolute masterpiece from Matthew and Me feels like. Plus there are some beastly guitars for you to indulge in, in case you thought I was getting too much into that spiritual mumbo-jumbo.

Ciaran Steward

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